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BBL® Forever Bare

BBL Forever Bare

Dare to be Forever BARE™

Forever Bare BBL (BroadBand Light) is the revolutionary new treatment that takes hair removal to the next level.

Kiss goodbye the hassle and discomfort of shaving, painful waxing and tweezing! Using gentle, yet effective BBL energy to heat hair follicles, the Forever Bare BBL treatment is as comfortable as a hot stone massage. The result is hair removal that’s more comfortable, safer, and faster than other traditional treatments.

Treat any area of the body with unwanted hair to reveal beautiful skin and dare to bare soft, silky, supple skin!

The Benefits Of BBL® Forever Bare

Less Invasive

Comprehensive Coverage

Comfortable Procedure

Suitable for All Skin Types

Long-lasting Results

How BBL® Forever Bare Work

BBL Bare Hair Removal is the remarkable hair removal solution utilizing advanced light technology to eradicate hair follicles at their roots, effectively preventing future growth.

Step 1

Application of a cooling gel to the treatment area, optimizing light energy and soothing the top skin layer.

Step 2

Placement of a handheld device on the skin, initiating the treatment process.

Step 3

The targeted light energy penetrates deep into the hair follicle, impairing its function and preventing further hair growth.

BBL® Forever Bare FAQs

Forever BARE BBL™ is one of the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments on the market. During the procedure, the Forever Bare handpiece produces a warming, “prickly” sensation that most patients report as being quite comfortable, even without the use of a numbing agent. The warmth subsides within about an hour after treatment.

In general, BroadBand Light provides a variety of benefits to the skin and can not only help significantly reduce unwanted hair, it can also improve the quality of the skin overall. That said, if your goal is to both reduce hair AND improve additional concerns like brown spots, red spots, or acne, we recommend discussing this with your provider. He or she may make recommendations for additional BBL treatments to help accomplish your long-term aesthetic goals.

Typically a series of 3 to 6 treatments will produce a considerable amount of hair reduction in the treated area. However, the frequency of your treatment will depend on the speed at which your hair grows, in addition to the color and thickness of the hair. Your practitioner will be able to provide you with a comprehensive, custom hair removal plan during an initial consultation.

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