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What Is Intimate Wellness

Age related changes are not limited to our faces! Many people find that their intimacy and pleasure decrease as they age due to changes in their most private areas. We offer discrete treatments that aim to rejuvenate the anatomy. We do this via mixed modalities: Thermiva, Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Age Jet, depending on the concern and severity of changes.

Our treatments promote healing, tightening and an enhanced cosmetic appearance. This usually requires 3-4 sessions, however the number of sessions will depend on the client’s own unique needs. 

Your consultation will be highly confidential, discrete and professional. You will have a medical consultation, complete a survey and then have brief clinical assessment. The registered nurse who delivers your assessment will discuss your concerns and help determine whether our treatments are suitable solutions for you.

The Benefits Of Intimate Wellness

Amplify sexual function

Enhance the aesthetics of your vagina and labia

Elevate pleasure for you and your partner

Diminish incontinence-related concerns

Combat vaginal dryness

How Intimate Wellness Work

Intimate Wellness Treatments: The Transformative Power of Thermiva®

Step 1

Thermiva® uses a specially designed handpiece that emits temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy.

Step 2

Precise temperature controls allow providers to customize the temperature used for each procedure and patient.

Step 3

The radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen production in the deep layers of the skin and elastin production in soft tissues.

Intimate Wellness FAQs

ThermiVa® is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to help rejuvenate the vagina, it can help with tightening, reduce sagginess/laxity of the vagina, increase lubrication and improve stress urinary incontinence.

It's completely painless. Most women notice a relaxing, warming sensation as the wand transfers temperature-controlled radiofrequency heat to their vaginal tissues, without any burning or discomfort. It feels like a warm massage and most clients describe the feeling as pleasant or relaxing.

We recommend a course of three treatments, spaced one month apart.

The answer is yes! It’s perfectly fine. Patients with IUDs are safe to treat because IUDs are in the uterine cavity away from the vaginal cavity.

At A Plus Cosmetic Clinic, you can get free initial consultation prior. The single treatment cost $899, and you can get package price $2699 for course of 3.

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